My first time as a Sex Worker

My clients use to ask me all sort of questions all the time, and one of those questions, perhaps the most recurrent, is about the first time I got paid for having sex. “How was it?”, “Did you enjoy it?”, "Was it gross?", “Were you forced to do it?”...

Success! I got nailed by a client that found me from Reddit!

Happen to be that he was in Costa Rica for holydays and he contacted me. We meet once, then twice and then three times in a row to have the most intence and satisfactory sex ever...

Black & White – HOT CARRUZEL

The first time I saw the work of Susan Meiselas (CARNIVAL STRIPPERS) I got very impressed by the amazing texture of the pictures and the strong connection I felt with the content of the images. I admire and respect those beautiful women and what they do, and the talented sensitive eye of the photographer. I … Continuar leyendo Black & White – HOT CARRUZEL

Little foxy girl with flowers…

I loved this photoshoot. I want my pictures to be explicit but also classy, professional and with good taste, and I feel that this photoshoot is a good sample of it. Don't you think? Take a look and enjoy watching as much as I did creating them for you: Lust & kisses, Carruzel.


I´ve been thinking about the kind of article that could be useful for gentlemen wanting to live an erotic experience during their holidays in Costa Rica but visiting the country for the first time. I think that the perspective of a costarican sex provider can be very valuable. – Little Miss Carruzel / Costa Rican VIP Escort.