Well, my silence is barely apparent.

During the last few months I have been working really hard. As a result I was able to invest in making improvements to my website, I bought a beautiful mask that will give life to my character Carruzel, I bought very sexy lingerie and a few sex toys that are really fun & pleasurable, and soon I´ll be posting and selling videos and pictures of a much better quality thanks to the fact that I was able to improve my photographic equipment. Also, I expect to publish more often.


As you can see I have managed to grow and improve thanks to my beloved clients with whom I am grateful from the heart.

Soon I will have more hot news …

Love and lust,


My new account in twitter

Hey there! I am very excited with the idea of sharing more intimate content and interacting more with my clients and followers. That´s why I decided to open a twitter account and I´ll be sharing more videos and pictures there. It would be great if you join me: lots of very sexy fun.


Love and lust,

Do you want to keep some sexy photos and hot videos of our encounter?

You can keep a memory of our encounter: ask me for it and I’ll explain to you how does it work. Send me an e-mail to or Whatsapp me and let’s talk about it…

POLAROIDLove and lust,