Every now and then…

I love to film myself while doing sexy stuff. Every time I do it for my clients I feel deep pleasure. I imagine a thousan eyes in the tiny hole of the camera lens and get instantly wet and horny. And then I perform my dirty show for this imaginary audience.

It is not only the fact that I can fantasize about other people enjoying while watching me, you know? It is also the fact of watching myself in the skin of my alter ego Carruzel doing all this kinky stuff that I am not supposed to do. Me, the other me. I love being both, the innocent girl (in the eyes of the ones who knows me) and Carruzel, the transgresor.

But every now and then, my gosh… when I film my encounters with my clients as part of our deal… those are my true favorites. I masturbate afterwards, remembering and watching, listening to the gorgeus Little Miss Carruzel being fucked until she cannot hold the orgasms anymore… until I cannot hold my orgasm anymore.

I love to film myself while doing kinky stuff… doesn´t happen to you?