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My clients use to ask me all sort of questions all the time, and one of those questions, perhaps the most recurrent, is about “my first time”. “How was it?”, “Did you enjoy it?”, “Was it gross?”, “Were you forced to do it?”.

“That Saturday passed normally. At times I forgot what I was about to do, until I started getting ready to meet my first client. I took a long shower, in which I carefully observed each part of my body, washed and perfumed each space, as preparing the ground for caresses and kisses… The desire to impregnate everything with my smell, with my skin, with my hair, with my eyes, awoke strongly in me. After the shower I dressed up in a short, floral skirt, a white shirt, and I left my hair down. So, I left on my way to the hotel, where he would be waiting for me at the Front Desk.” ∼ With “L” of Lust / excerpt∼

The premade idea of having sex in exchange for money, as a forced and disgusting thing, is pretty common. Obviously there are people forced to prostitution and that is terrible. I cannot image the horrible hell this people goes through every day, every hour, and every minute. But there are also some of us, the lucky ones, which we decided to do it and enjoy doing it. We make good money, we have a lot more control over our business, we can say no, we can be picky, we can manage prices and we can enforce our boundaries. And on top of that, we can make things in a way that is also enriching in a personal and cultural level. This is my case.

“We entered the room. I walked in front of him to be able to observe the place carefully. It had a large bed and a vertical mirror on the wall that captured my attention. When I turned to saw him again he smiled at me and, as with a little embarrassment, he placed the money on a small table that was next to me and he turned to not look at me while I counted the money. At that precise moment I realized that everything was real.” ∼ With “L” of Lust / excerpt∼

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My E-book is about my story.
Everything is in there: my first time, my best and worst experiences, the details of my encounters with clients with whom I had strong orgasms and explored deep into my pleasure, the ones that wanted more connection than physical contact, the ones that wanted just some relief and used me to get it, the good fucks and all the crazy things that happened behind those doors, when I visited the different hotel rooms of San José.

“I lay in bed. He went straight to my vagina and began to give me oral sex. First fiddled with my clitoris using his tongue for a few minutes and as he got more excited he passed his tongue more strongly throughout my vagina and sucked me; I caressed his head, his ears, and from time to time, I gripped his arms and hands to encourage him to continue.

When he was satisfied, he took me out of bed, put on a condom and sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of him and began to suck his penis while listening to his exclamations of pleasure. I slowly and strongly sucked him for a long time. Suddenly, he picked me up and placed me standing with my back to him and with my chest on the bed, pressed me with his hand against the bed and slowly inserted his penis into my vagina. I could feel it, it was the first time, I looked at it just above my shoulder, his expression was of total ecstasy. I felt his strength, he grabbed my hips and shoved me hard.”∼ With “L” of Lust / excerpt∼

C Leandro

Do you want to know how a young slut feels, thinks and behaves when she enters a hotel room with a client? This is what my E-book is about.

Lust & Kisses,

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