Success! I got nailed by a client that found me from Reddit!

I recently started rediscovering Reddit. At the begining it was kind of confusing (still is a little) and I didn´t know exactly how to proceed, where to publish, how to do it… I got banned a couple times for not understanding the rules of the sub reddits and so on. Kind of frustrating. And besides, I had my doubts about finding clients there.

I´ve learned, little by little, thou. And to be honest I am having fun with my account nowadays.


The best part is that I already got nailed by a client that found me in Reddit. Happen to be that he was in Costa Rica for holydays and he contacted me. We meet once, then twice and then three times in a row to have the most intence and satisfactory sex ever. He have read each one of my posts and wanted to try me in person. I am glad that he did.

Conclusion: I am falling in love with Reddit.

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Lust & kisses,