I´ve been thinking about the kind of article that could be useful for gentlemen wanting to live an erotic experience during their holidays in Costa Rica but visiting the country for the first time. I think that the perspective of a costarican sex provider can be very valuable.
– Little Miss Carruzel / Costa Rican VIP Escort.


First of all, let me tell you that it is very easy to find escorts and sex workers in Costa Rica. A lot of them are working for agencies that you can easily find on the internet. Some others you will find hanging out in bars and brothels. And some more – like me – they work independently and advertise with personal websites or by exclusive referals from other clients or collegues.

In Costa Rica there are plenty of massage parlors and hourly cheap hotels. You can go from cheap to high end, from ticas to foreigners, from young and fresh to mature, from professionals to “the girl next door” innocent kind of girl. There are university students secretly dating tourists every now and then to help themselves to pay their studies – which is my case. You can choose according to your taste and possibilities.

Little Miss Carruzel ©


One approach to adressing the girls in Costa Rica could be just getting to the bar/brothel of your choice and making eye contact. That simple: just pick one before they pick you… 😉 Using this method you will flow with the moment and nothing is guaranteed.

Another approach, the one that I am familiar with, is to make previous contact throug the internet and then make sure you build trust and customize the experience some time ahead. Doing this will help you  to avoid missunderstandings or weird moments that you might regret at the end.

You can have a fairly good experience with a costarican escort/sex worker, yes. But you can also live a THE GREAT EXPERIENCE if you do the right pick. It is up to you.


We are very well known for our exotic nature. There are very nice places to enjoy while living a sexy tropical getaway in Costa Rica. Holidays on the coast will offer you a lot, from very well known comfordable hotels, golf courses & marinas, gorgeous women and luxurious villas. La Fortuna and the caribbean side are truly beautiful too. We have plenty of treasures.

But don´t underestimate San José: a discreet visit at your hotel room when you arrive to the country can be the perfect “welcome to Paradise” or the best way to say “see you later, Costa Rica”,  at the end of the trip. If you are coming for medical or dental treatment San José will be the best location anyway. During recovery, and in between appointments with the doctor, you will be able to book one day tours during the day and you can also have plenty of fun during the nights. If you find the right girl you might end up wanting her to keep comming, over and over again.

All depends on what you are looking for…

Little Miss Carruzel ©


The short answer is yes. Just be smart about it. Always ask in advance to somebody of the hotel crew about their policies regarding visitors. The big hotels usually don´t give any trouble but some of them, specially the small ones, they might not allow girls visiting you. And that could end up being a real BUMMER. If you are the kind of person that likes to plan ahead: don´t be afraid of asking the girl for her real name in order to make your reservation for two people. Nobody will give troubles to a couple checking in at different hours. In any case, consider going with the girl to the front desk so she can eigther check in or show her ID as a visitor: it is safer for both, you and the girl.

And very important: avoid minors. You can get in serious troubles if you engage sexually with underaged people in Costa Rica. Use the services of legal aged “lolita” escorts, instead.


A good advice that will pay back very well: be nice to us. Pay upfront and with low denomination dollar bills, tip us and treat us with respect, try to connect with us – you can even invite us to dinner and we can even wath a movie and cuddle under the blankets with you. And very important: make us cum… 😉

Believe me: we are really happy about your visit and we are willing to give you the best of our sexy skills. We´ll give you a great quality time in return for your generosity.

Welcome to Paradise!

Little Miss Carruzel

If you have any question and I know how to answer I will gladdly do. Feel free to ask.


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